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Trance Healing

by Doctor Paul Carter
Basic Introduction to the Experience and Practice
Trance Healing
Friday 27th March
Weekend Seminar
Sat 28th and Sun 29th March 2009


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TRANCE is a deep relaxation and letting go of conscious control into a state of inner peace, unlimited possibilities, creativity, freedom, and unity.It happens naturally when you feel safe and trusting.

"All healing happens in a trance state" says Dr Carter.
In this state, we find that the body and psyche seek and find their own balance and integration.

Trance is one of the best tools you can learn, both for self-help and as a body worker, therapist or healer. It improves the effectiveness of any form of therapy by helping you to utilize the creative and integrative powers of the unconscious, and freeing and fortifying the natural immune system.

About the seminar

In this traning participants learn to:

Basic Introduction to the experience and practice of Trance Healing
Friday 27th March 2008
7.30pm to 9.30pm
WOW Centre
Millennium Chapel
Parking Provided
Trance Healing Seminar
Saturday 28th 9.30am
to 8.00pm
Sunday 29th 9.30am
to 2.00pm

At the
Millennium Chapel
Parking Provided
€190* inc Fri Eve



  • experience and recognize trance states and the safeguards that make working with trance a healing experience.

  • access and communicate with the memories and resources of the personal and collective unconscious.

  • Self-hypnosis supported by breath, movement and mental techniques as a way to self heal and create self confidence, trust and empowerment.

  • Use trance for healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level, including pain control and problem solving through the application of energy, lucid dreaming, language of suggestion, stories, dance, ritual, and meditation.

    The training contains demonstrations; practice sessions, group meditations, and individual trance journeys.
    It is both experiential and practical, so you canexpect a rich and relaxing healing weekend that will leave you with tools you can easily use in your daily life.

    The weekend workshop also serves as the introduction to the Two-Year Trance and Healing Training offered by Dr. Carter every two years in Switzerland for those wanting a more comprehensive and in depth experience.

    Further information is available at
    www.tranceandhealing.com and www.waldhaus.ch/de/side9.html

    About PAUL CARTER, PhD
    Paul has a profound respect for the wholeness and integrity of each individual being, giving people a sense of confidence in their own integrity and trust in their own spirit; this is fundamental to his approach in the areas of personal growth, healing work, relationship counseling, and intimacy. He is also greatly appreaciated for his lightness and playful approach.

    His professional career has spanned 32 years of widely acclaimed training groups of health professionals and educators worldwide, as well as workshops for self-healing. Hewas trained in hypnotherapy by Dr. Milton Erickson and in family therapy by Dr. Virginia Satir and was a member of the original Bandler-Grinder research team from which the field of NLP arose.

    Together with Stephen Gilligan he created and led the first 2-year training programs in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in Europe which have been continued by the Milton Erickson Gesellschaft. He integrates Gestalt Therapy and sensory awareness work with his own unique approach in family constellations. He is familiar with Bert Hellinger's work as well as Hawaiian forms of constellation work called Ho 'o' pono pono.

    He specializes in the powerful combination of trance work used together with creative movement, ritual and the inspirational power of nature.
  • He incorporates Native American medicine and Tibetan Buddhist practice into his healing work. He has several published articles on his work as well as a manuscript of his approach to problem solving and healing called "Parts Work - a Formula for Integrity".

    Today he lives in Hawaii with his family where he sees individuals and couples and provides individual healing retreats in addition to his teaching abroad.

    Nearby Hotel for weekend workshop provided on request.
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