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I met Alfred in October 2004 and my life immediately started changing for the better. Alfred always had words of inspiration and empowerment for me and always gave me support in times of real need. Together with being a great self-empowerment coach Alfred is also a Feng Shui and Space Clearing Master and is very sensitive to the subtle energies. Alfred has used his expertise to help me create a healthy home environment that is conducive to peace, health, prosperity and goal attainment for the whole family. 4 years have passed since meeting Alfred and I’m on my way to financial freedom. But far more important than financial freedom was my realization of the unlimited potential that I am and this gave me personal power, freedom and peace which I enjoy on a daily basis. Its true ‘When the student is ready, the master will appear’ and Alfred was definitely my stepping stone to freedom. Thank you Alfred. I am eternally grateful.
Claudian Scicluna

Alfred was recommended when glass started to shatter in my new house, a window, water glass, glass door, oven window. He showed me how to reassess and prioritise the various aspects of life so as to be able to move forward with conscious choice. He has always been astoundingly accurate with his clear unpredictable answers. I would recommend his true service to anyone seeking to know more about LIFE.
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