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Geopathic Stress And Natural Radiation

Geopathic Stress And Natural Radiation

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Geopathic Stress, Natural Radiation

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'In a sample of 500 cancer cases; everyone was found to be sleeping over harmful earth radiation', Kathe Bachler, Researcher, Austria, 1970s more...

'In Vilsburg, South Germany, all 54 patients who had died of cancer, since records had been kept, slept in beds above points marked on von Pohl's map of earth energy concentrations', Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, Researcher, Germany, 1929 more...

'Geopathic Stress' by Peter Rivett, Wessex Cancer Research Help Centre, Chichester, United Kingdom more...

'Wireless Local Area Network and DECT phone health warning', by Public Health Department of the Salzburger Region, Austria [PDF - 24K] more...

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