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Friday 28th - Sun 30th November 2008 - 4pm to 8pm

Paradise Bay Hotel

  • The Winners Image by Bob Proctor
  • The Born Rich Seminar by Bob Proctor

    Bookings accepted until Friday 31st October!!

    Prices are quoted per person on full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) including The Winner's Image Seminar and The Born Rich Seminar.

    Single room - 127

    Twin Double - 117

    Triple Room - 107

    Family Pack:
  • Pay only 187 for the whole weekend and bring your partner along to enjoy the hotel facilities while you are at the seminar
  • Add 15 per child between the ages of 2 and 12

    Prices are on full board.

    Contact Network Support Office should you have any questions on 21472502 or 27472502

    A word from Adrian Sapiano

    The first Born rich seminar I attended was on the 15th October 2004 with my wife Rhona. I remember that day very clearly because Rhona was heavily pregnant and just after 2 hours we had to run fast to hospital as our daughter Saia was ready to be born. She was born that day and was called the Born rich baby :)!!!

    Although I stayed in that seminar for just 2 hours I learnt a lot and I used it during my wife's labour. Now three years later I attended not 1, but 5 Born Rich Seminars and every time I go I learn more. The Born Rich Seminar helped me change the way i think which effected very positively my personal life and my business. I found this absolutely life transforming and that's why I recommend The Born Rich Seminar to everyone.

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