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Geopathic Stress And Natural Radiation

Geopathic Stress And Natural Radiation

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Recognize Physical Indicators of
Geopathic Stress and Radiation

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There are physical indications of Geopathic stress such as cats, as they actually seek out sleeping over Geopathic stress areas. Owls, snakes, high infestations of slugs and snails, insects, parasites, bacteria, viruses, ants' and termites' nests, wasp nests and bees are often found on Geopathic stress lines. Most mammals avoid Geopathic stress. Horses and cows stabled over Geopathic stress may become sick or injury prone. Geopathic stress can cause lightning to strike trees, produce dead or stunted gaps in hedges and avenues of trees, non-productive fruit trees, tree cankers and twisted growth in trees. Fruit trees are the most sensitive; oaks (like to grow near underground water, hence their attractiveness to lightning strike), redwoods, and ash are most resilient; and elders are attracted to Geopathic stress. Bare patches in lawns, moss and fungi, stunted or mutated growth in vegetable gardens particularly lie (or fall) on edge lines of Geopathic stress. Ivy, bindweed, nettles, dock thistles, foxgloves, ferns and nightshades are attracted to and thrive in Geopathic stress.

Animals and very young children have not lost their instinct to feel if a place is healthy or not. In the morning one can often see children cramped into one side of their beds oriented differently from when they were tucked in. It is wise to determine then if the bed is well positioned.

Animals in pastures will avoid a Geopathic zone to the extent that one could follow their paths by looking at the area that has been grazed. Throughout history, animals have constituted the economic base of rural properties and the greatest care has been taken to build healthy shelters for them. We see very few old farm buildings built on a Geopathic fault.

The conjunction of high power lines, underground water streams and H grid crossing should be considered as extreme perturbation of the ambient field. It should be essential to have a correct positioning of beds in places where people have diminished resistance and health, such as hospitals. According to the Institute of Geobiology of Lausanne (Switzerland), 30% of the patients studied showed signs of improvement after having their beds shifted from active zones.

According to B. Merz (Institute of Geobiology of Chardonne, Lausanne), just as a place can make us prone to disease or depression, another can lift us to more subtle levels of vibration, strengthening our body and spirit. Such places were sought after throughout history and held as sacred. Some are natural wonders like Ayers Rock (the Aborigines have long known this), the Grand Canyon, the Matterhorn and countless other places on this planet which inspire the millions of modern pilgrims we call tourists. Other strong areas of Geopathic stress are man-made poles of attraction built on powerful sites by architects or priests obeying a sacred tradition, like the pyramids of Egypt, the statues of Easter Island or many Gothic cathedrals.

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