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Dr Anuradha Choudry

Ph.D in Sanskrit on Vedic Psychology



Saturday 10th January 2009 14.00 to 20.00

Venue: Marie Louise Suite Radisson SAS Bay Point St Julians

€ 15 including refreshments

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Definition of Mantra
The theory of the Mantra is that it is a word of power born out of the secret depths of our being where it has been brooded upon by a deeper consciousness than the mental, framed in the heart and not constructed by the intellect, held in the mind again concentrated on by the waking mental consciousness and then thrown out silently or vocally…precisely for the work of creation. The Mantra can not only create new subjective status in ourselves, alter our psychical being, reveal knowledge and faculties we did not before possess, can not only produce similar results in other minds than that of the user, but can produce vibrations in the mental and vital atmosphere which results in effects, in actions and even in the production of material forms on the physical plane.”
Sri Aurobindo [The Upanishads - p.125-126]

This workshop aims at creating awareness about the power of mantric sounds. It will start by introducing the Sanskrit alphabets which correspond to eternal cosmic vibrations along with the knowledge about the place of pronunciation. This helps immensely to fine- tune the hearing and speech mechanism.

Many people chant mantras without knowing exactly what they stand for. The second part therefore will deal with the chanting of basic mantras while understanding their meanings.

A project in Auroville in Pondicherry, India, called Aquadyn, is based on revitalizing the life-energy of water using mantric sounds. The human body is contains more than 60 % of fluids. The objective of this workshop is know how to charge one’s own body through the power of mantras and to experience their stress releasing benefits.

Brief Bio-data:
Dr. Anuradha Choudry is presently a recipient of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship of the European Union and is doing her MLitt in ‘Crossways in European Humanities’ from the University of St-Andrews in Scotland, and the University of Bergamo in Italy. A graduate from the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Puducherry, she completed her Ph.D in Sanskrit on Vedic Psychology under Dr. K.E Dharaneedharan from Pondicherry University where she sought to show the practical application of this new kind of psychology in our daily lives.

As a volunteer with Samskrita Bharati, she is an active advocate of Spoken Sanskrit and has conducted many 10 day Spoken Sanskrit camps in Bharatam and abroad.

Apart from her passion for Sanskrit she has participated in several workshops that encourage peace and harmony within various international youth groups. She firmly believes that the Mantric power of Sanskrit words and sounds can help to enhance internal and external peace and has had the opportunity to confirm this through her experience with Indian and foreign participants in different environments.

Om shAntih shAntih shAntih.
Om Peace Peace Peace.
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