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Meet Alfred Difesa,
Health and Wellness Practitioner


In 1969 at the tender age of 19, Alfred Difesa joined the School of Practical Philosophy and the School of Economic Science in the UK where he was introduced to Self Development. This was the start of a life time search for wisdom and knowledge.

In 1971 he attended a one year course in social philosophy in Claver House in London with Rev Paul Crane SJ. At the time, he worked as a tally clerk in the docks and was a shop steward for many years; He attended many workshops related to trade union leadership.

In 1972 he was introduced to meditation, he was initiated in the Vedic tradition of meditation in the London school of meditation. about us

In 1980 he started his own business which gave him more freedom to be able to travel regularly round the world studying methods of healing and space healing from different traditions and cultures.

In the 90’s Alfred was introduced to the art of dowsing, Geopathic Stress and Feng Shui. These arts inspired Alfred to such an extent that he became intrigued to start studying these arts to become an accredited Feng Shui practitioner and dowser. He studied for one year with Harrison Kyng of the Shen Dao institute (UK), he furthered his knowledge with Feng Shui Designs Los Angeles and with Masters of different schools of Feng Shui in different parts of China.

about usAlfred studied Vastu Shastra - The Classical Science of Creating Harmony in Buildings - according to The Ancient Veda with Sashikala Ananth - a leading teacher of Vastu in Southern India and in The West. He studied Space Clearing and Dowsing from Indian, Balinese and
Shamanic traditions and cultures. Alfred studied and practiced healing spaces with dowsing with Eric Dowset and Jean Haner in Ireland, UK, California, Malta, Holland and Sedona in Arizona. He studied Shamanism in Peru under Malku and in Turkey under Harrison Kyng. He traveled to Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Dubai, Iran, Hawaii, Singapore, Bali, Pakistan, India, Peru, Sweden, Taipei, China and Jakarta.

He traveled to many countries to study and practice tantric energies. He did a lot of workshops related to body work and the energy of Sex. He studied Tantra under Satya Puja in Germany and in Italy attending workshops related to Sacred Sex with Allan Lowen and Dr Paul Carter PHD in Sweden and in Maui Hawaii.
Alfred attended workshops in Puna India in the Ashram of Osho. He also did workshops in Osho Multiversity in Holland and in the UK. He studied and practiced Body Talk with Dr John Valthime. Alfred is an accomplished Reiki Master and a Level 4 practitioner of Universal Energy healing. He is an NLP practitioner having studied under Richard Brandler, Michael Breen, and Paul Mackenna. He studied and Practiced Gestalt therapy under Dr Lydia Pecotic in Malta under GPTIM. He practiced for over ten years in Family systems constellations with Dr Lydia Pecotic.

In 2003, Alfred was diagnosed with Colon cancer, because of this, some friends introduced him to a company called Neways – This Company produces products with safety conscious formulas and is highly recommended by Dr Samuel Epstein president of the Cancer Prevention Coalition - whose products helped Alfred through the journey of this disease especially when he was under chemotherapy. Alfred was so impressed by these products that he promised himself that he would introduce them to Malta. In 2004 Alfred organized the first Neways meeting on the Island, as Neways promotes its products through Multi Level Marketing.

Alfred was very passionate about this and although Neways was not officially ‘open’ yet in Malta, Alfred created such a demand that by 2006 he had some 4000 Neways Distributors in his team. That year Neways Europe (at the time UK) gave Alfred the prestigious award of European Distributor of the year.about us

To organize all these distributors and product users Alfred created The Network Support Office with his daughter. This Office organizes seminars and events mostly to the subjects of motivation and health by international speakers like Pat Mesiti, John Di Lemmi, health researcher Phillip Day, Naturopath and Natural health Consultant Vivien Clere Green. The most successful seminar organized is The Born Rich Seminar, a video seminar by Bob Proctor.

Alfred is an altruistic man, as all the knowledge that he achieved throughout the years, he is now passing on to others. Through therapy, and other works he dedicates time for those who approach him with different life situations. Besides being a good listener, he's always on the alert to lend a hand to those that look at life from a dark space. His aim is to show those in darkness to search for freedom and the light at the end of the tunnel. He helps people to find their goals in life and shows them a way how to reach them.

He also creates awareness through the media by participating on television stations, radios, and seminars as a speaker, to spread great energy and encourage those listening that life is a great gift and should be lived fully and freely without any attachments!!

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