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Geopathic Stress And Natural Radiation

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We organise and promote self development events for motivation and self awareness.
Feng Shui
We bring to you Feng Shui from the eastern cultures of China, Vastu Shastra (India) and Space healing from Shamanic cultures South America.
Geopathic Stress And Natural Radiation
We feature scientifically proven devices which neutralise Geopathic Stress (waves of radiation that seep from the earth’s core and bisect other natural electromagnetic phenomena such as swift flowing underground streams, mineral concentrations or fault lines, these negative earth rays become harmful to our health and wellness. They rise up through buildings affecting the body’s natural biorhythm and causing sick building syndrome) and combat the detrimental effects of man-made Electro Stress (ES) to revitalise and harmonise your surroundings both in your house and workplace.
Neways Products Europe BVBA – Non toxic health products (Neways Distributors click here)
We provide coaching and guidance for our team of Neways Distributors.

Our site promotes Neways products, whose range includes leading-edge nutritional supplements, skin care, personal care and dental preparations. Neways products such as Maximol Solution are not tested on animals. All Neways products are packaged in recyclable materials. Products are concentrated so you use less and the packaging isn't bigger than it needs to be. Bringing health and well-being to people around the globe one home at a time.
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